Which vendors are Blog Challenged?

I had cause recently to look for blogs from a vendor who shall remain nameless (But whose name begins with H) and found three. One was somewhat technical by a well known technologist there. It was somewhat sanitised though – the PR types had vetted it, no doubt. The other blogs were more conceptual – stuff you could find on their web site.

As far as the big vendors go, Microsoft really sets the benchmark in terms of the numbers of blogs. They don’t seem to have been through PR.

 I am interested to hear what people think. Perhaps even rate a vendor on a scale of 10. 1 being Blog Challenged and 10 being Blog Gifted.

My rankings are:

Microsoft – 6, Hyperion – 1, Cognos – 1, Business Objects – 1


One thought on “Which vendors are Blog Challenged?

  1. I commented on the blog at vendor H and today I received an email from someone at the vendor who was interested in how I thought they should use blogs.

    I take my hat off to them for responding. How many time to we post comments that go unanswered.

    I look forward to see them moving from being Blog Challenged and increasing their ranking.

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