Scott Hanselman joins Microsoft

As an avid listener to podcasts, I was somewhat apprehensive when I first heard about this. Scott does a great podcast –  – about mostly Microsoft technology.

What I like about Scott is that he is articulate and knowledgeable on his core subject matter but seems genuinely interested in other technologies. e.g.  – mind you in that episode the Rail conference was in Portland.

I’ve blogged before about how difficult it is to keep up with technology. My core focus is Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. However, having skills in other technologies and languages is handy particularly where interoperability is concerned.

So I have become a keen listener to podcasts as a way of keeping up with new technologies.

Given the slew of new technology coming out of Microsoft (Silverlight, LINQ, Orcas, SQL Server 2008),  my listening habits shall remain unchanged. I just hope that Scott approaches his podcasts with the same integrity as he has in the past.

Pip, pip,



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