SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 SP4 Fix pack 1

We have been installing BusinessObjects 4.0 for a few weeks now. A few weeks! How can that be?

Well, we started off with SP2 and had issues with it. Then SP 4 came out including Feature Pack 3. Being an SAP site, we wanted all the goodies that was in that release but there were still issues.

Drill through from our BOXI 3.1 Dashboards wouldn’t work. The web intelligence services would time out. There was a URL connection error with Crystal Reports for Enterprise and Advanced Analysis for OLAP. When was this going to end? Today we installed Fix pack 1 for SP4 and it fixed all of our issues.

Now I just hope that Data Services 4.0 SP3 fixes the issue with shared CMS!


SAP Visual Intelligence

At the recent Sapphire conference, SAP announced SAP Visual Intelligence. The first version of the product allows analysts to build applications that extract data from HANA and present in manner similar to BusinessObjects Explorer.

SAP Visual Intelligence is aimed at the same audience as QlikView and Tableau. The next version will allow analysts to extract data from other data sources including Excel.

What is not clear is how this allows analysts to migrate into the enterprise BI space where greater scrutiny is applied to the quality of the data, consistent business rules, etc.

How can SAP advocate data quality, governance on one hand and encourage an Excel like free-for-all on the other hand is perplexing. QlikTech and Tableau Software pride themselves on being disruptive. My worry is that SAP is being self-disruptive in chasing “me too” market share.